Letter to the Editor - On Devil’s Head Conservation area in Calais

On Devil’s Head Conservation area in Calais:

The Friends of Devil’s Head have nearly completed a second season of planning and wrapping up many projects with significant cooperation and help from the City of Calais and community members. We must continue, however, without our leader, Brand Livingstone, who is dealing with health issues in New Hampshire.

The Friends of Devil’s Head have gotten much satisfaction by improving the area, which remains owned by the City of Calais, and it is rewarding to hear so many positive comments and to observe many more people enjoying the park. Next year, in addition to general maintenance and more turnouts for vehicles, we are researching the feasibility of constructing an observation platform/tower at the top of Devil’s Head.

Many thanks to everyone who donated money, helped to maintain the site, gave ideas, donated materials and/or time, bought raffle tickets, and assisted in keeping Devil’s Head clean and inviting. Last year’s raffle winners, John and Judy Knapp of Eastport, generously donated their winnings back to the Friends of Devil’s Head for future projects. 

Please see our ad on page 26 for information on our ongoing raffle to help support this effort. You can visit our website at devilsheadcalais.com to see how the area has developed.

With thanks,

The Friends of Devil’s Head