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Linda Baniszeski 


Happy Birthday greetings this week to summer residents, Carol Bloomhardt on November 13, and Patti Lentz on the 14th, and Chris Doten on the 19th. By now everyone is in the throes of Thanksgiving preparations.  We have been staying in Maine the past two years for the Thanksgiving holiday, sharing it with two other couples and a dear neighbor and friend.  Friends from church have been posting on Facebook something for which they are thankful each day of November leading up to the holiday.  It certainly has a great effect on our outlook and mood when we begin each day remembering our blessings.

It is reported that about 35 children enjoyed the Meddybemps Community Center Halloween event.  Greatly appreciated was candy donated by community members, and the Meddybemps Committee who did all the work setting up, hosting the event and cleaning up afterwards.  Among them were Patty Reynolds, Tammi Smith, Dawn Winchester and, I believe, Paulyne Ward.  If I have missed anyone, my apologies.  Many thanks to “all” who made it possible for the little ones to trick or treat in warmth and safety.

The weather is finally matching the season we’re supposed to be in -- late fall.  We had a few very heavy frosts over the past week.  Outdoor potted plants finally were overtaken by it.  The geraniums, English ivy, wax begonias and those silvery plants held on until the end.  Barry has put away all of the pots for next year.  Did everyone else see the light snow flurries last Saturday.  The day before, after rain overnight when the Arctic blast swept in, in the early morning some of the trees had thin icy coatings on branches, and grass in the open was also affected.  Janet Wooding shared that when she drove to Calais one of those mornings, she also noticed the light freezing, and said at the Maguerrewock there was a fine mist that settled and coated the trees and growth surrounding it.  When she returned home, it had disappeared.  Beautiful scenes are all around us, changing throughout each day.

Barry visited with his brother Bruce in Pembroke.  He shared that when a flock of Canada Geese landed on his pond, they swept down as usual, but were very surprised by the icy surface when they came in for a slide across the ice.  Bruce’s pond is a constant source of fascination watching all the kinds of wildlife that frequent it for swims and drinks.

Be sure to check the listings in The Calais Advertiser for all of the community Thanksgiving dinners and events.  No one has to be alone on this holiday, or any other in this area.  Our communities are overflowing with caring and sharing neighbors.

The cold nights and cool days have necessitated the need for our wood stove.  Barry is in his glory and was anxious to get it going again.  A few cooler nights over the past weeks he started up the fire.  It became so hot, we had to open the door to the sunporch to let in some cold air .  Scuffy really loves the wood heat.  She falls asleep in front of the stove and would be roasted if she laid there too long.  Sometimes I have to wake her, other times she wakes up from the heat.  She comes to me in the living room, panting and panting, with her little coat hot to the touch, followed by a trip to her water bowl and lots of lapping until the bowl is empty.  Oh, these funny critters who live with us.  They entertain us with the simplest of things.

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Blessings to all!