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Kathy Mekelburg



On November 7th, 130 registered voters made their wishes be known in a referendum vote. The results were as follows: Question 1, Casino, 6 yes, 123 no. Question 2:  Expanding Medicaid - 67 yes, 63 no.   Question 3: Bond Issue for fixing roads - yes 86, no - 43. Question 4: Funding of the state retirement fund, yes 64, no 62.

It was with great sorrow that I read of Ginny Walker’s passing. She was one of the town ladies that welcomed me to town 23 years ago. She even shared her recipe for homemade cornmeal rolls. Also passing away was Dorothy Sanschagrin for whom I also offer my sympathies.

Happy birthday to Jacob Sterner on the 4th, Anita Johnson on the 8th, Ryan Johnson on the 14th, Tyler Cookson on the 16th, Nathan Moffett on the 28th, Jeffrey Moffett on the 29th.

Anniversary wishes to Marshall and Donna Hennequin.