Troop J Report


Number of Calls for Service: 142 Number of Warrant Arrests: 1 Number of Accidents: 19 Number of OUI/OAS Arrests: 1 Number of Burglaries: 1

11-06-17 Trooper Miles Carpenter received a report of a burglary in Perry. Investigation continues. 11-07-17 Corporal Chris Smith summonsed Leanna Bishop (26) of Gouldsboro for passing a stopped school bus with lights flashing as the result of an incident on 11-01-17 in Hancock.

11-08-17 Trooper Owen Reed responded to a theft complaint in Sedgwick where a generator was reported stolen. Investigation continues. Trooper Blaine Silk responded to a crash in Whiting where a car hit a pole. The operator, Dawn Tucker-Mahar (36) of Lubec, was arrested for Operating under the Influence of Drugs. 11-10-17 Trooper Kim Sawyer responded to a crash in Alexander where a pick-up driven by Christopher Stewart (28) of Cooper swerved to avoid a deer and struck the corner of a home and then crashed through a garage and went out the side. Christopher’s pick-up struck a vehicle that was parked in the garage and sent that out the back of the garage a couple hundred yards into the field.

Trooper Dana Austin conducted a traffic stop in Milbridge, after a further investigation Coral Bubel (18) of Blue Hill was summonsed for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Trooper Dana Austin conducted a traffic stop in Cherryfield, after a further investigation, Cameron Rumery (18) of Milbridge was arrested for Operating without a Driver’s License in Violation of a Condition. 11-11-17 Trooper Kim Sawyer summonsed Paula L. Johnson (48) of Pembroke for failure to report by quickest means, attaching false plates and for failure to provide insurance after a crash in Robbinston where she left her vehicle. Trooper Gavin Endre stopped a vehicle in Hancock for a vehicle defect. During the traffic stop it was determined that the operator of the vehicle Derek Skillings (25) of Frankfort was driving beyond his permit restrictions. The operator was also criminally charged for altering a vehicle’s inspection sticker as well as altering the expiration dates on the vehicle’s registration plates.

Trooper Dana Austin conducted a traffic stop in Machias, after a further investigation, Danielle Thibault (31) of Whitneyville was summonsed for Operating without a driver’s license. Trooper David Barnard was investigating a suspicious vehicle on the Pinkham Bay Bridge Road in Steuben. The vehicle was located and the operator, Eric Parkin (44) of Milbridge was arrested for a Violation of Conditional release. Trooper Barnard was assisted by Corporal Chris Smith and Trooper Gavin Endre. 11-12-17 Trooper Blaine Silk summonsed Isabella Tynski (19) of Connecticut, for Transportation of Drugs by a Minor after a traffic stop for a defect in Machias.