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Sally Doten



Where did the past week go?  I was just sitting here doing that column. Are you sure last week is over? So, with that being said, here I go again.

The benefit held for Kaloua Cookson was well attended and everyone says it was a wonderful evening. Kaloua has gone through a lot these past few years and I know she appreciates all that has been done for her.

So nice to see lights in the house of my grandparents, also the home where my father and his siblings were born. Welcome to Baring Dawn McGouldrick. It’s nice to have you here.

Today I was in Bangor for the third time in a week.  Last Monday I was with Judy Antoniello for her appointment. Saturday Beth and I had a business meeting at Maine Aviation, and today (Monday) Wanda Brown drove me for a medical appointment. That Airline Road is going to wear me out. 

As we grow closer to Thanksgiving, please remember those that are alone or need assistance. This is what life is all about, helping others in need. 

Sending “thinking of you” to: Ruth Johnson, Barbara Gibson, Jim Doten, Bertha Johnson, and Sandra Sawyer. 

It’s hard writing this column because as far as I can tell, everyone is staying at home and behaving. Not a soul creating any news. 

So faithful readers, have a great Thanksgiving, stay well and share the love.