Calais High School Boys’ & Girls’ Preseason Tournament 12/2/17


9:00 Calais vs St. Stephen Boys

10:00 Southern Aroostook vs Calais Girls 

11:00 Woodland vs Southern Aroostook Boys

12:00 Central Aroostook vs Calais Girls 

1:00 Central Aroostook vs St. Stephen Boys

2:00 Southern Aroostook vs Woodland Girls

3:00 Southern Aroostook vs Calais Boys

4:00 Woodland vs Central Aroostook Girls

5:00 Woodland vs Central Aroostook Boys    

Tournament Rules:

Two 20:00 min halves, 18:00 min running time, 2:00 min stop time. (3 timeouts) 5:00 min half time, 5:00 min warm-ups. Admission $5 Adult & $2 Student for the Day.

Concession Stand will be available.