CHS Holds 16th Annual Coffee House

Christian Emery took to the stage at Thursday Night's Coffee House to perform a piece on the piano. Before starting, Christian spoke to the audience stating that his performance would be in honor of his piano teacher, Cynthia Dineen, who passed away recently.

By Kaileigh Deacon


On Thursday evening the cafeteria at Calais High School was transformed into a café and the stage into a performance space. The event, which has been an annual event for the last sixteen years, has been a way for Calais students and local artists to showcase their musical talent and provide an evening of entertainment for the community. 

The event also doubles as a fundraiser for the Calais Middle and High School music programs. The money raised from the event goes to help the program with trips and supplies. 

The Coffee House is a great way for kids to get the experience of performing in front of an audience on their own. It is also an example of how important music education and support is in our schools. Events like this support our students who love music.

The music program would like to thank everyone that helped and supported the event  on Thursday. 

Kylie Donovan, a Calais High School senior, played and sang “Hotel California” by the Eagles at Thursday Night's Coffee House. Before singing Kylie thanked everyone for supporting the music program and thanking program director Ms. Proefrock for all she has done in just under a year. 

Middle School student Cassidy Carr played two selections on her flute at Thursday Night’s Coffee house.