Devotional - Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Submitted by Rev. Kevin J. Martin

Pastor of St. Kateri Tekakwitha Paris


In the eighteenth chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus has a dialogue with Pontius Pilate during his Passion.  For the first time during His public ministry, Jesus makes Himself known as King in His Passion.  Until this point, He always slipped away from the crowd when people tried to make him king…all of which were misunderstandings of the nature of His mission.  But now, as He approaches His crucifixion – He can and must reveal Himself for who He really IS.  He is the Alpha and the Omega – the Beginning and the End – He who was, who IS and who IS to come.

The unavoidable misunderstandings no longer matter.  The Roman Procurator – Pontius Pilate will fail to comprehend the essence of His kingship and the Jews will reject Him as their king.  Jesus replied that his kingdom was spiritual - - not a worldly, political one.  What does the kingship of Christ consist of?  In the Roman Missal, on the Solemnity of Christ the King, we hear during the Catholic Mass that the Kingdom of God has several aspects.  It is a Kingdom of Truth and Life, a Kingdom of Holiness and Grace, a Kingdom of Justice, Love and Peace.  The Kingdom of Christ will never be destroyed – His dominion is an everlasting dominion.  All people – all nations – all languages must serve Him.  His kingdom is one of love, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit.  He invites everyone to share in it so that our world might be transformed.  Jesus is King and ruler over all.

The very purpose and Mission of the Kingdom is to testify to the Truth – the Father’s love for the world – for all people.  The Son represents this by His life, Passion, Death and Resurrection to glory.  Recall the importance of His discussion of the Truth the night before at the Last Supper.  When He spoke of truth, He both included the truth of His teachings as well as His personal fidelity to God, self and others as the way He lived and personalized the truth.  Truth is attainable and can be taught and learned.  Truth is arrived at both from revelation and from the thinking with one’s mind.  Revealed truth and reasoned truth do not contradict each other.  Truth is truth regardless of the source.  A spiritual kingdom is based on truth, which when it is witnessed and lived – is a form of love.  Truth in the mind is an idea – truth in the heart is love.  

How do we respond as daughters and sons of Christ the King?  We live in a world where truths and values are often inverted.  We struggle to live upright lives in this world where who we are is often the opposite of what we are called to be.  Under the Lordship of Christ, His Passion, Death, and Resurrection form the way of our transformation and become the means by which we enter into a journey of faith with Him.  The message of His kingdom may sometimes seem difficult for us to grasp – it may at times even seem way beyond us.  But to believe in the kingdom, to live in the kingdom – is to make an act of faith – faith that, in the Cross of Jesus Christ, Victory is won over sin and death -- every negative force is ultimately destroyed.

This is a message of hope – this is why we joyfully celebrate Jesus Christ as our Lord and King!  Is Jesus Christ at the heart and center of our lives?  Do we acknowledge Him by giving Him honor, praise and glory?  When we pray the Our Father – we pray for God’s kingdom to come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  For Catholics as we gather for the Eucharist, we proclaim every week in the Creed that Jesus “will come again in glory” and that “His Kingdom will have no end.”  May all who follow the Lord Jesus celebrate and honor Him as their Lord and King.  May our journey of faith enable all of us who profess faith in Jesus boldly bear witness as daughters and sons of our heavenly King.