Editors Desk - The Value of the Present


I was asked recently to write a piece for the St. Croix No. 1 Fire House time capsule, which is scheduled to be opened in 100 years. I found that, as a futurist and an environmentalist, addressing the people of 2117 was not an easy thing to do. There are many variables that are in the air (sometimes literally) as we speak, and it is difficult to know what the next century will bring.

I’ve heard some people advocating for others to eat lobsters this Thanksgiving – if you do, please give thanks that you’re able to eat them. According to the University of Maine, lobsters will be extinct in 85 years if global warming continues as it has.

A friend sent me a poem recently that included some helpful advice on the value of the present moment and the comfort we can find there if we allow ourselves to fully appreciate it. It included the tale of a woman, who, fleeing a tiger, climbed down a cliff with the help of a vine. Another tiger began circling below her, and two mice, one white and one black, began gnawing at the vine. In front of her, a wild strawberry was growing. Rather than bemoaning the tiger or the mice, what did she do? She enjoyed the heck out of that strawberry. 


Lura Jackson