Historic Photos - 1957

Calais got a new bridge at Ferry Point in 1957. It was built slightly upriver from the old bridge.

More in 1957...

During the summer of 1957 the Calais Pool was finished and opened to the joy of every kid in town.

In  August 1957 the family could go the drive-in on the weekends to see Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movies such as Pardners, kids under 12 were free. During the week the fare was Marlon Brando, Glenn Ford and Machiko Kyo in The Teahouse in the August Moon. The Calais Lions sponsored the Clyde Beatty Circus during the week of July 13th.

Finally, on August 26, 1957 in Woodland, the town's nerves were set on edge when the Post Office Clerk, Mrs Harvard Dwelley, was badly beaten and robbed at the Post Office. Thieves stole 520 blank money orders and the stamps to certify the money orders were valid. The newspaper report said the money orders would have been easily negotiable in any store in the United States and Canada.  Mrs. Dwelley was so badly beaten that she could not give a good description of  her assailants. We do not know if they were ever caught but if anyone has any information please let us know.


Those going over the new bridge to shop in St. Stephen, however would not have been able to trade at the Dominion Store, Tally-Ho or Fashion Frocks as these burned in August of 1957. Or go to the movies at the Queen Theatre, it closed its doors in 1957. The photo of the Queen was probably taken in the 1930s. However, after fire consumed the State Theatre in Calais in 1958, the Queen reopened and operated successfully for many years.

Queen Theatre


The chief of Police in Calais in 1957 was Luther Barnes.