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Linda Baniszeski 


Happy Thanksgiving and wishes for many blessings to everyone!   It’s good we take time for a thankful break before the Christmas shopping madness begins.  For most of us, the best part of the holidays is being with our loved ones and special friends ... and we can’t forget all of the good food!

It’s time for the Calais Hospital Auxilliary Christmas Bazaar on December 5 at the hospital.  All proceeds from this bazaar directly benefit Calais Regional Hospital which serves everyone in our area.  Area Christmas bazaars listed in The Calais Advertiser are always a good place to do some shopping for Christmas and other unique gifts.

Operation Christmas Child gift boxes were collected at 2nd Baptist Church this week for shipping to Samaritan’s Purse, which distributes them around the world. Many area churches and organizations once again participated this year to the benefit of children who would never receive anything for Christmas.  Our greatly benevolent community once again blesses young and old with the many food and gift items collected and distributed locally by various organizations.

From Calais throughout surrounding areas, many homes are already wonderfully decorated with Christmas lights, greens and seasonal figures.  Our old lighted buck and doe deer fell apart after being buried in last year’s deep snows.  By the time Barry was able to dig them out, it was apparent they had seen better days.  Not to worry, I found an identical set in Calais to replace the faithful old pair.  There is no shortage of Christmas decorations at the good department and hardware stores in town.  I love it when we come down the lane at night to be welcomed by these gentle critters glowing in our lawn with all the tiny, bright, white lights. 

Wildlife appears to be increasingly confused by the dramatic weather swings.  It would appear some ducks and a loon or two are holding out until the lake freezes before they migrate further south or over to the coast and ocean.  Coming out of Calais one evening, two deer crossed South Street in front of a line of cars.  Thankfully, the car leading us was alert and quickly pumped the brakes and stopped to let the deer pass before anyone personally met up with them.  About 50 wild turkeys have been frequenting Barry’s brother’s pond in Pembroke.  Our chipmunks, red squirrels and a larger gray squirrel continue to gather seeds for their winter hide-a-ways.  Maybe they know something we don’t and we are in store for coming wicked winter weather.  The blue jays are back at the feeder, bullying the littlechickadees.  Despite their attitude the jays sure are pretty to look at with their dramatic and colorful markings.

 Looking out the window this morning, the lake surface was roiling with whitecaps breaking on the shore.  Heavy rains over the past weeks have brought the lake up to normal levels for this time of year. The sunny day was crowned by the lovely sky in a mixture of powder blue melding into deeper blue shades.  All of this beauty is punctuated with large white puffy clouds, and the smaller chains of them accented with shades of lavender and gray.   Our Maine landscapes are always a feast for the eyes.

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