Naomi Preston, Chef Beriau, Megan Hatt.

By Haley Donovan


Last week at St. Croix Regional Technical Center, students from all of our programs were busy learning in many different environments.  Building Trade students were hard at work building an 8x12 shed for a community member.  Our Culinary Arts students catered a meal for an event at Washington County Community College. Our Early Childhood Education Program students were busy making creative Thanksgiving themed crafts with the Pre K students.  Welding students are working on their Capstone project welds.  Students in the CNA program are rolling up their sleeves and learning from hands on experience at  Calais Regional Hospital.  Our Business Program students have been working on starting a school store at CHS.   Computer Technology Students are working on everything from creating websites to building computers from scratch.   Last but not least,  Automotive students are working on vehicles from within the program and community.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

Left to right:  Megan Hatt, Kevin Murray, Naomi Preston, and Brynne Lander. (Photo by Anne Louise Eagan, Culinary Arts Instructor)

The St. Croix Regional Technical Center would like to thank Cooke's Aquaculture and Kevin Murray, Manager, for their donation of two salmon to our Culinary Arts Program in October.   Chef Wilfred Beriau, CEC/AAC/CCE, worked with students on determining the freshness of the salmon, how to properly filet, scale, skin, and remove the pin bone of the salmon.   Chef Beriau then instructed the Culinary Arts students on how to portion as well as prepare the following meals:  Salmon Patties, Meunière Salmon, Cajun Style Blackened Salmon, and Papillote Cooked  Salmon.  The following Culinary Arts student participated in this six-hour day of instruction:  Megan Hatt, Brynne Lander, Naomi Preston, Hannah Archer and Jana McDonald.