Woodland Rec. Dept. Calendar



Wed.  Nov. 22:

5:00 PM: Sr. Cheering Team; WES Gym

6:00 PM: Exercise / Aerobics, (Ages 13 / Adult) WES

Thurs. Nov. 23:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sat. Nov. 25:

9:00 AM: Jr. High BB - Warriors / Celtics at the WHS Gym

Sun. Nov. 26:

3:30 PM: Jr. High Rec. BB Practice (all teams) at the WHS Gym

4:30 PM: Open Gym BB, grades 8 and below at the WHS Gym

6:00 PM: Exercise / Aerobics: ages 13 to adult at WES

6:00 PM: Open Gym Basketball, grades 9 and up at the WHS Gym

Mon. Nov. 27:

2:30 PM: Dribbling Dragons, grades 1-3 at WES

4:00 PM: Elem BB - Georgetown, grades 4-6 at the WES Gym

5:00 PM: Jr. & Sr. Cheering Teams. WES Gym

Tues. Nov. 28:

3:00 PM: Elem BB - Duke, grades 4-6; WES Gym

4:00 PM: Elem BB - Kentucky, grades 4-6; WES Gym

5:30 PM: Karate, ages 5 to adult at the WES Gym

Wed.  Nov.  29:

3:00 PM: Elem BB - Duke, grades 4 - 6 at the WES Gym

4:00 PM: Elem BB - Georgetown / Kentucky, grades 4 - 6 at the WES Gym

5:00 PM: Sr. Cheering Teams at the WES Gym

6:30 PM: Exercise / Aerobics, ages 13 to adult at the WES Gym 

NEW PROGRAM: “DRIBBLING DRAGONS”: Children in grades 1, 2, 3, will be able to play in this skill development, basketball learning experience. This will be a fun, skill-oriented program ending with an exciting time of showing off their skills at half time of a high school varsity basketball game in January or February. Practices  will be on Mondays at the Elementary School gym from 2:45 / 3:45 p.m. Start date: November 27. The fee for this exciting program is just $10. Please pay at Town Office / Muni Bldg. This program is being provided for the enjoyment of the participants with sportsmanship, learning the skills and having fun being the TOP priorities. Any questions, please contact the Recreation Dept. at 427-605., recreation@baileyville.org, or on Facebook.

OPEN GYM BASKETBALL:  Sunday, Nov. 26 at WHS Gym for grades 8 and below at  4:30 p.m. and grade 9 and up from 6 / 7:30 p.m. Students are to arrive at 5:45 p.m. and is free for AOS # 90 students.