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Sally Doten



Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday is over. Cyber Monday is about to end. I so much enjoy the beginning of the Advent season but all the hype about businesses and their sales takes all the joy out of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to spend with families and friends; to be thankful for all we have; or just spending the day alone and reflecting on the good things we enjoy. All this is ruined when stores open their doors early (before midnight on Thursday) because someone sitting at that table with you must get up and ready to go to work. Hoards of shoppers will rush through the doors, racing for the “big ticket item” that is on sale. Some get into a fight over who touched the item first. Carts crash into one another, your ankles are bruised, and your temper is showing.

Now after a few hours you go to check out and throw the items on the moving belt that goes directly to the cashier. If you are lucky you get a cashier that is happy to be there, or at least, appears to be. Oh, no, she rings up something wrong and you get mad at her. The cashier that left her family to go to work in the middle of the night now must listen to you yell because the item scanned in wrong. Does she deserve your anger? Do you care? 

In my little mind I think Thanksgiving should be celebrated for the complete 24 hours. The only people that should be working are the first responders, medical staff, and police. I am sorry that this falls on them, but they are the ones “holding down the fort.” Businesses should not open their doors until their normal hours. This mentality of money being the true meaning of life needs to stop. 

Let’s take one day at a time; be with family; forget the sales; eat the turkey; watch football; and breathe. END OF RANT

Now for the news.

Our family is spread over western Maine. Jeff and Stacey enjoyed dinner with Larry, Jennifer, and Joan Thompson. Beth and Kevin were in Ellsworth (she’s the only one in the county.)  Carol and Peter went to Windam to join daughter Ashley and Heidi Graceffa along with Heidi’s parents Billy and Jeannie from Grand Lake Stream. One granddaughter spent the time in the Bahamas with her husband. The others were scattered to Dover Foxcroft, Benton, and Holden. There are now too many to keep track of. Jim and I stayed home and enjoyed the solitude.

Thank you to the Baring Baptist Church for providing meals to several families in the community. I hope those on the receiving end of these baskets enjoyed every bite.

Congratulations to Katie and Emily Erskine for making the Woodland Dragons basketball team. And to Jacob Hornbrook and Matt Perkins for being on the Calais High School Blue Devils basketball team. This means, since we live in the middle, we need to support both these schools and students.  Have a good season.

Eddie and Evelyn Noddin spent Thanksgiving in Crawford enjoying a delicious meal with Randy and Susan Wallace and other members of the Wallace crew. 

Dana Brooker came in the other day for a brief visit. So great to talk about the “old Baring” and the fun we had here as kids.

A very big thank you to Sandra Ramsey for the invitation she extended to Jim and me. We had to refuse because Jim was exhausted from some medical tests he had on Wednesday.

Late congratulations to Ricky and Emily Bailey. They are the new managers of Downeast Glass.

Now I’m waiting to see what Candy Bridges is going to do with Baring Gifts. She said it’s a secret. 

Whatever happens I hope these two business do well. 

So that is this is what I know. Have a wonderful week. Stay well; love.