Editors Desk - Making a Difference, One Person at a Time


One of the recurring themes of this area is how it may not be wealthy in resources, but it is wealthy in its community spirit and its compassion. That is particularly true around this time of year, as evidenced by the abundance of good-will related events that are going on or coming up. Sometimes the occasions benefit the community at large, and sometimes it is a more private gift that gets exchanged, as is the case for a story shared by Kathleen Staples.

As a librarian at the Calais Free Library, Staples often has the pleasure of speaking with patrons about their lives, and that is where this story comes from. A woman who works at a local retail store was surprised on her birthday recently when her coworkers amassed their personal resources together to purchase a bicycle for her. She was completely taken aback, and expressed that she thought her coworkers didn’t even like her, Staples said. Now she knows they care.

“We are all struggling in one way or another, and for people to dig into their pockets and help buy a bicycle for a coworker is inspiring and wonderful,” Staples said. While only one person in the occasion received a gift, being a part of the experience is enriching for everyone involved.


Lura Jackson