Letter to the Editor - Representatives Perry, Tuell, Alley and Senator Maker:


On November 7, after years of debating the Medicaid expansion issue, the citizens overwhelmingly voted to expand Medicaid. The referendum question was clear and unconditional. It did not ask should we expand Medicaid “unless we have to raise taxes” or “unless we have to cut other programs” or, more to the point “unless I or my party or our governor oppose expansion”. What the Legislature needs to do now is simple-carry out the will of the people of the State of Maine whether you agree or disagree with the vote. The Legislature could take a lesson in how true democracies work from the English parliament’s response to the Brexit vote. A large majority of members of parliament opposed Brexit yet when the Brexit referendum passed those who opposed Brexit accepted the choice of the people and voted to proceed with Brexit, even though they believed it was a mistake. Whether expansion of Medicaid is a wise or unwise policy is no longer an issue- the people have spoken loudly and clearly. It is now time for you as legislators to put aside political differences and see that the will of the people is realized and does not become just another excuse for partisan bickering.

Al Churchill