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Performing during the Alexander Community Christmas party are Joe Wallace, Tracey Wallace-Brasier, Jameyson Brasier, Payton Fossett and Dan Daley. (Photo courtesy of Tanya Wallace Fossett)

Cassie Oakes


Christmas is right around the corner and sometimes it is a rough time to be away from home. If you want to send a card local to two sailors who’ll be away from home during the holidays, here are their addresses:

Mm2 (SW) Comeau, Wesley - USSWASP (LHD-1) - UNIT 100261 Box2145 - FPO AE 09556 and McClure, Anthony - USS Stout (DDG-55)- Unit 100290 Box 1805 - FPO AE 09587.  

Calais High School senior Prue Maxwell, daughter of Melissa and Nathan Maxwell of Alexander and Woodland High School Senior Willow Newman, daughter of Michelle and David McVicar of Cooper and Granddaughter of Elizabeth McVicar of Cooper were both inducted into the National Technical Honor Society at Calais High School on November 11th.  Prue and Willow are both enrolled in the Certified Nurses Program.  Both girls attended AES. CHS senior Haley Donovan was also inducted into the NTHC.  Haley is the daughter of Brenda and Brian Donovan of Crawford.  Haley is enrolled in the Entrepreneurship/Management Program.  Congratulations girls on a job well done!

The Mapping Project for Alexander continues and John Dudley has a question and is looking for an answer.  Is lot 26, 320 acres as shown on Alexander maps or is it 640 acres as shown on the topographical map?

On Monday after a doctor’s appointment in Machias, John and Marie Dudley stopped at the deeds’ office to check out lot 26.  Early deeds give lot 26 as a lottery lot of 320 acres. It was lot 7 on Putnam’s 1786 plan and won by ticket 603 owned by James Thatcher, a physician from Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Lottery winners paid no property taxes for the first 15 years.  Thatcher never paid his tax on lot 26.

About 1830 Alexander Tax Collector Sam Cottle tried to locate Thatcher, but failed.  A lien was placed on the lot and Nathaniel Merserve of Alexander bought the land at auction with deed dated 1832.  The land was sold to Ebenezer Hanscom of Crawford in 1835, then a week later to Stephen Goodhue. of Lowell Massachusetts.  This lot was called Little Goodhue after Stephen Goodhue; He also owned lot 27 of 1280 acres, Big Goodhue.  The deed line got murky, but John had documents that gave 320 acres for lot 26.

Next John looked up lot 26 in the 1875 Alexander Assessor’s ledger and also 1899.  In both, lot 26 was listed as 320 acres.  Remember the topographical map gives it as 640 acres.  Which is right?

On Sunday morning John Knowles and John Dudley finished filing deeds in the assessor’s file.  This file should have a folder for each of the over 700 separate lots in town.

On Wednesday Gerald Cooper came by to ask the location of lot 120- John taxed to Fern (Strout) Garner.  George Edgerly had bought these 3 acres years ago as part of a 160 acre lot.  In 1991 it was in Doris (Dwelley) Edgerly’s name and now in her daughters.  While checking the file, they found deeds that belonged elsewhere.  Help!

During this time Foster Carlow had been busy on the phone.  The meeting of the team to fix the map will be at 9a.m. Saturday, December 9 at the Municipal Building.  The volunteers they hope will be there are Roger Holst, Eddie Moreside, Allan McLellan, David and Jimmy Davis, John Knowles, Kevin Dean, Gerald Cooper and Joe Hanson.  Others haven’t called back and Foster and John hope others will call 454-2600 or come to the meeting.

On Friday, December 1st members of the Alexander Grange, FOG and the community gathered together to begin their preparations for the 2017 Community Party.  This included hauling items from the Grange Hall to AES and then distributing them in the proper areas of the school.  Next came the set up of the tables and chairs which many of the AES students from grades 4-8 pitched in to help with the last few minutes of their school day before buses arrived.  Then the tables were set, decorations put up and the atrium was transformed into the North Pole and waiting Santa’s arrival.  This couldn’t have been done without everyone’s help.  Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this project.

Now the 2017 Community Christmas Party is in the books and it was another successful year.  The AES school was adorned with all kinds of decorations, music, food, people and Santa!  There was a photo-op booth set up at one end of the school and Santa at the other end with photo-op areas throughout the hall.  There was a writing letters to Santa station in a classroom and music with food and conversation in the gym.  There was something for everyone!  Local talent was on stage and children joined them for some impromptu caroling.  Emily Sanford Runnels who recently moved back to Alexander, had her first experience with the Community Christmas Party and she was overheard telling folks how wonderful it was to see the community together and so much fun for the kids, “Best Party Ever”.  Tanya Wallace and her daughter Peyton made the trip for their first Community Christmas Party also.  So if you missed the 2017 party you may want to think about attending next year!

And just when you thought the party was over, it wasn’t. A group of folks gathered together Sunday afternoon to tear down what remained of the party, specifically the North Pole, and then they loaded trucks and hauled items back to the old Grange Hall to be stored until next year.

You can’t end the Community Christmas Party without thanking all those involved, from the planners, sponsors, the Alexander Grange and FOG (Friends of the Generations) and those local businesses and individuals that financially supported the endeavor to the folks that did the shopping, decorated, provided food, worked during the party and hauled things back and forth from the Grange Hall.  There are too many folks to list without unintentionally leaving anyone out, but you know who you are and thank you for being you. It brought smiles to many faces and helped make the Community Christmas Party an annual and successful event for all!

Also home for the weekend was Shawn McVicar who was visiting his mother, Elizabeth McVicar of Cooper.  Shawn had a busy weekend. Saturday he attended his first ever Community Christmas Party and helped out in every way he was asked.  On Sunday he took his mother to St. George, New Brunswick  for the McVicar Family Christmas party. While there they welcomed the newest member to the clan, Lennon Sawyer Ray Cooke.

The Alexander Grange will hold its last meeting of 2017 on December 6th.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will include a Christmas Party. There will be a Yankee Swap and anyone in attendance is asked to bring a gift for approximately $5 and something to share for refreshments.  Prospective members are invited to attend.

Good thoughts are being sent out to Greg Holst, Elwin Daley, Linda Richardson, Lynn Hill, Trudy Poole, David Carson, Avis McIntyre, Carl Perkins, Joan Dodge, John Haley and Ron McArthur. 

Upcoming birthday wishes go out to Julie Richard, Lisa Lord, Rebecca Colson, Genie Daley, Madison Davis, Jakoby Whitehead, David Goodine, Todd Perkins and Keith Turner.

This week at Randy’s the Lucky Loser was Earl Hill.  

I finally had a full week at the Beckett Center and was able to participate in activities, such as going to Linda’s Pizza in Baileyville for lunch on Thursday and Jo’s Pizza on Friday.  Saturday night I had a blast at the 2017 Community Christmas Party.   I want to thank my friends Sharon and Gerald Cooper for sitting next to me and helping me get my food while mom was busy.  My power wheelchair began to act up on Wednesday and by Friday morning it had completely quit and I had to use my old push chair which limited my mobility.  My chair must take a trip to Bangor to be evaluated and then we’ll go from there.

If you have news:, Facebook, 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, ME  04694, 454-2344 or drop off news at Randy’s Variety!