Calais Rec. BB Results

5th & 6th Results 11-27-17: Syracuse 56 Kansas 31

Syracuse was led by Peyton Morang’s 18pts, Kaden Small added 17pts, Kristen Smith had 13pts, Jaycee Harkins with 4pts, Charles Bitar, and Savannah Waycott each had 2pts.

 Brogan Brown led all scorers with 25pts. Kate McPhee added pts, Ryley Case with 2pts for Kansas.

11-29-17: Syracuse over Duke 52-35

Kaden Small and Jaycee Harkins led the way for Syracuse with 14pts each. Peyton Morang and Brenna Critchley each had 8pts, Kristen Smith chipped in with 6pts, and Savannah Waycott had 2pts.

Kaeson Dana led all scorers with 16pts, Max Cassidy had 13pts, Oliver Clark added 4pts, and Ethan Harvey with 2pts for Duke. Kaeson Dana led Duke with 6pts, Megan Mitchell with 5 pts, Chloe Farrar had 4pts, Max Cassidy chipped in with 3 pts, Oliver Clark and Avva Cassidy each had 2pts.

3rd & 4th Results 11-28-17: MMA 34 Husson 19

Jonathan Andrews led all scorers with 18pts, Shawn Cushing, Issac Sullivan, and Craig Cushing each had 4pts. Nolan Brown and Nathaniel Roes had 2pts for MMA.

Colby Moholland led Husson with 12pts, Grace Howard had 4pts, Cameron Dwelley had 2pts and Caleb Townsend with 1pt.

11-30-17: Bowdoin 33 UMPI 19

Louis Newell led Bowdoin with 9pts, Spike Bassett added 9pts, Frank Miliano scored 6pts, Ike Soucy, and Phillip Bassett each had 4pts, and Daneha Miliano added 2-pts.

Noah White led all scorers with 12pts, Gaige Farrar with 5pts, and Meadow Rhode had 2pts for UMPI.

7th & 8th Results 12-2-17 Thunder 39 Cavs 36

Jace Cook and Tyley Furtek led the Thunder with 16pts each. Reece Sabattus chipped in with 5pts.

The Cavs were led by Jacob Sockabasin’s 15pts, Trinity Jones added 5pts.

12-2-17: Celtics over Cavs in OT 55-50

Matthew Dana led the Celtics with 22pts, Ryland Sabattus added 15pts, Sage Phillips chipped in with 8pts.

Jacob Sockabasin led the Cavs with 22pts, Alex Richard had 16pts, and Trinity Jones added 6pts.