Christmas Celebrations Enthusiastically Embraced

What does Christmas mean to you? Whether it’s the celebration of the birth of Jesus, time for excessive shopping and spending, days and nights of feasting, family togetherness, or gifts, Santa Claus, and a lavish tree – or some combination of all of those things – it seems that this year’s holiday season is filled with rampant enthusiasm from all directions. 

In Calais, there were record numbers of community members watching the Christmas parade on Friday night as Santa dangled his merry feet down the Main Street from atop the fire engine. Calls of “I love you, Santa!” filled the air, along with peppermint wafts from the multitudes of devoured candy canes. Afterwards, the shops were filled with customers looking for gifts for their loved ones, bringing downtown Calais to vibrant life on an otherwise unremarkable December evening. All the while, a spotlight shown on the newly-constructed nativity scene in Heritage Park, reminding all who saw it of the original reason for celebrating Christmas. 

Celebrating in December is not a new tradition – thousands of years ago we were gathering to praise the birth of the light from the darkness. What’s apparent, though, is that – for one reason or another – this kind of holiday is exactly what many of us need at this moment in time.