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Dave McCullough


The Women to Women held their Annual Christmas Party on Monday December 4th. It was a wonderful gathering with delicious food, entertainment provided by the Strumming’ Wildcats and a competitive Yankee Swap!  Lots of fun and laughs! 

Traveling around on West Grand Lake in the Bear Trap area a common piece of conversation deals with the large camp/cottage close to the water that never seems to be finished. Ken Bailey, the owner, has been trying to finish it so the property was salable. It appears that someone was staying there and left for a spell and strong winds blew down the chimney or into an open stove door and spread sparks from the wood stove and the camp was burned to the ground. The camp was owned by Ken Bailey and was uninsured. The fire departments from Grand Lake Stream, Princeton and Woodland all responded to the alarm. By the time the first engine arrived the camp had collapsed and all that was left was a hot bed of coals. The exact cause of the fire has not been determined but the stove theory seems to be the most probable.

Speaking of Ken Bailey, as many of you know that he always has his pet chihuahua dog with him. Recently he let the dog out near the Family Restaurant in Princeton. The dog never returned. There is a reward for finding the dog. Call the Pine Tree Store at 796-5027 if you find Ken’s favorite pet. The Pine Tree Store is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily so just call if you find the dog.

The wreath making event this year went very well with a good group of skilled wreath makers attending. The Land Trust thanks all those who attended!

Jenifer has been enjoying the DVDs that have been produced by and for the Land Trust. Always a great treat to those of us who spend time in Grand Lake Stream!! If you don’t have the disc give Laura a call at 207-796-2100. Jenifer recently made a presentation to a women’s group and they fell in love with the Grand Lake Stream environment!!

Have a great week! Your humble correspondent, Dave McCullough, 207-712-8294 or