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Sally Doten



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. You have noticed the snow, right? People that have lights on their shrubbery that shine through the snow make the prettiest scenes. I am still a kid at heart and love riding through the streets at night and enjoying the decorations of others. 

Congratulations to Coach Mark Hornbrook and player Kobe Saunders for winning their recent games in the junior high division. Kobe is the only Baring guy on the team. He is the son of Larry Saunders and Jayna Smith. And Mark, well he is just the plain old UPS man that makes regular visits around the area. Mark has coached for many years. If your son or daughter have ever played for him, you know what a good man he is. He really cares for these kids and teaches not only basketball but the meaning of being fair and honest. I am very honored when he calls me, “Auntie Sal.”  

I just hate hearing about the California fires. One on “my” former students, Sarah Ray Raza, lives within a few miles of the devastation. She keeps her mom (Tess Ftorek) and me posted on the daily events. I don’t know which of us has been more worried. I cannot imagine so many people losing everything. Such a sad world we live in.

Don’t forget to keep your bird feeders full now that the snow is on the ground. I think I spend more money on birdseed than groceries. 

Stay well, my friends.