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Sharon Frost



A five-year-old granddaughter spent the weekend with her grandmother doing holiday crafts and even having breakfast with Santa at a restaurant. They had so much fun. When her father came to pick her up, she wasn’t quite ready. “Oh, Nanny” she pleaded, “can we push the rewind button and start over again?”

Casting Call at Gateway Cathedral, 18 West Street in St. Stephen at 6 p.m. (U.S.) A Christmas drama with choir and orchestra. Free admission.

It’s been a busy December to say the least with suppers, meetings, bazaars and church functions. 

Christmas carols,  old and new with the SCCC band and vocalists at the St. Croix Christian Center. There will be light refreshments.

Hanukkah began on December 12.

Birthday wishes: Lewis Pottle, Daryl McClure, Brian Nicholas, Persis Mooers, Donald Seeley, Amy O’Brian, Melanie Howard, Karen Thomas, Shelley Bishop.

The Mount View Chamber Singers arrived at St. Anne’s at 4:45 on Friday. A spaghetti supper was served with salads, garlic bread and several varieties of sweets and cold drinks, followed by a selection of Christmas seasonal music and songs. 

The church was filled and greatly enjoyed. A lovely lunch followed Carols In The Round. They spent the night at the church and breakfast was served to them on Saturday a.m. They sang us a thank you song before departing.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Ginny and Ed Coffin, Pat Noddin, Mary McLellan, Dave Claroni, Ken and Edity Colson, Skip Carter and Jo Ellen Leeman.

Christmas Cantata will be December 17 at 10:30 a.m. at Baring Baptist Church for adults and children.

There will be decorating of the church with greens/trees after the service on Sunday, December 17th at St. Anne’s.