Connecting with the Local Community Online

By Lura Jackson


The winter season can be a difficult time of year for those who are missing their loved ones or who feel isolated from the community due to the weather and the brief daylight hours. Through the use of the internet, it is possible to remain connected with the community even while housebound. If you’re new to Facebook, this is an introduction to some of the local groups and sites that can keep you in-touch and informed. 


Events and News

Let’s Make the Calais Area Better, 917 members. This group invites its members to post events, suggestions, and news related to the extended Calais area. Most of the posts relate to enrichment of the local community through social happenings or awareness. 

Calais Area Community Events, 1,085 members. The member-posted events in this channel pertain to a wider area of Eastern Washington County and St. Stephen. This is a great place to find out what bands are playing and to find out about any upcoming events you might not have heard of.

What’s Happening Washington County, Maine, 1,046 members. This regularly-updated channel is a great spot to stay current with goings-on from around Washington County, including news and events.

Washington County Incident Alert, 6,835 members. The second-largest group in this list alerts its members to weather conditions, accidents, road and utility outages, and concerning issues over the scanner. All members are free to post. Because personal situations are often involved, the group forbids any names from being used when reporting on occurrences.

Woodland/Baileyville Community Bulletin Board, 214 members. This group provides regular updates about happenings in Baileyville and the nearby areas. Many helpful updates relate to the school and recreation department.

Baileyville Police Department, 2,855 members. Run by Chief Bob Fitzsimmons, the Baileyville Police Department page is a constant source of updates from the department’s activities around the community, along with personal insights from Chief Fitzsimmons on encounters he has throughout his week. 

Pleasant Point Police Department, 1,732 members. Operated by the Pleasant Point police, this regularly-updated page enables community members to see what initiatives the department is pursuing and to receive thoughtful – and occasionally humorous – reminders of safety tips. 

Eastport, Maine News and Information, 15,073 members. The largest group in this list pertains specifically to Eastport, including everything from its large festivals to its small community gatherings and news from present and previous residents. 

Calais Downtown Revitalization Coalition, 1,112 members. Stay current with the various projects and events being undertaken by the CDRC with this website, and check out photos of past events such as the Chair Affair and Scarecrow Fest. 

Local History 

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St. Croix Historical Society, 2,149 members. Based in Calais, the St. Croix Historical Society has hundreds of historical photos uploaded to its online albums, which are categorized by themes, such as “Local Businesses”, “Restaurants”, “Churches of the St. Croix Valley”, and “School Days”. Nearly every photo has a comment from a local community member, reflecting on their experience with the subject from earlier days. Aside from the photos, the society regularly posts historical articles linked from its website.

Washington County, Maine, 4,866 members. In addition to regular updates of news and events, this lively group has frequent postings from members of historical photos from around the county. 

Calais High School-BLUE DEVILS-CMHS, 1,004 members. Aside from ongoing news from the Calais school system, this alumni-centric group shares updates from former Blue Devils, including obituaries when appropriate.

Buying, Selling, and Trading

If you’d like to see what community members have for sale or what they’re interested in buying, considering joining ST STEPHEN and Surrounding area BUY AND SELL, with 10,412 members, Washington county free, swap, and sell, with 4,797 members, or CALAIS WITH SURROUNDING AREAS SWAP SELL AND WANTED, with 8,625 members.