Town News

Linda Baniszeski 


Greetings from the winter wonderland also known as Meddybemps.  We had about 6” of snow over last weekend, it  was that heavy stuff that beautifully drapes the trees.  It also lays heavy upon the electrical wires and we had some brief outages on and off through the afternoon when the winds picked up on Sunday.  The electric company had crews go through this summer to remove most of the heavy branches and trees that might fall on the wires.  It is especially beneficial when we have snow and ice storms and high winds.  Kudos to Eastern Maine Electrical Co-op.  Our t.v. satellite went out for a short while.  Barry got up on the roof -- yikes! in the snow -- and cleared the dish.  Then it worked.  Sunday was a perfect afternoon to watch Christmas movies.

(Oh! I was just glancing out of the window and there was a majestic eagle winging its way across the steely sky over the lake.  Only in Maine.  Especially here, so close to Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge.)  

Back to the snow.  My Barry and Terry Reynolds plowed the snow on the lane Sunday morning, and cleaned up around our houses with their trusty tractors.  Heavy snow removing equipment is pretty much a necessity in this part of the world.  The lake surface is lightly skimmed with a layer of ice.  It has been that way over the past two weeks.   Iced and then melted over and over again.  Nevertheless, a pretty sight.  

Happy Birthday wishes to Tammi Smith on December 16 and Pete Trouant on the 18th.  Each are wished a great day and year ahead.  

We see from Facebook that summer resident Meg Rothberg is continuing her European travels.  She began in Oslo, Norway and will also travel to Bavaria for a visit with her sister, Beth, who lives there.  The photos she is posting are amazing and unlike anything I have ever seen.  Thanks for sharing your travels, Meg.  She will surely return to New Jersey in time for Christmas with her family and especially granddaughter, Avery.  

Everyone should keep watching the paper for the many Christmas events going on throughout the community from now until Christmas Day.  No one has to be un-entertained or alone during this beautiful season.

Many of us are finishing our Christmas baking, gift shopping and wrapping, and getting cards in the mail.  Our mail box overfloweth with many beautiful Christmas cards we have been receiving.  This is always the best time of the year when we hear from friends and family miles away who we rarely see in person.   The older we get, the more appreciated are the cards and gifts that come to us from afar.  In this instagram day and age, it is especially warming when people actually take the time to purchase, write and mail a real greeting card and go to the expense of having a nice gift sent.  We received our first gift through the mail this week from friends in North Carolina -- a beautiful faux fur-like throw.  Scuffy especially likes to snuggle in it.  Our friends wouldn’t mind at all, since we’ve visited their home twice with Scuffy welcomed as much as we were.  

Our wildlife seems to have hunkered down after the snow.  Some small flocks of birds were fueling up at our feeder the day before the storm.  Always a sure sign that some kind of weather upset is on its way.  Those small birds that scale the sides of trees were here - not sure of their name.  It would appear that the chickadees and especially blue jays consider our lawn and feeder to be their permanent home.  Fine with us, we love them; and they entertain Scuffy as she watches them from the front window, where she reclines on the back of a loveseat waiting for them to appear at the feeder.  The red squirrels are appearing less often.  Most usually we see them scampering from the feeder with their cheeks bulging transferring food to wherever they live.

Not much else is new in this peaceful quiet community.  It would be more fun and interesting if others would please send news to or phone 454-3719.


Christmas blessings to all!