Andrea Walton Appointed as City Assessor


By Kaileigh Deacon


In their last meeting of 2017, the Calais City Council met on Thursday, December 14th. A free trash day was scheduled, a new assessor was appointed, and the water budget was approved in the course of the meeting.

Prior to the start of the 2018 year, the city approved the Water Department Budget. The budget is expected to hold with the previous year in the amount of $642,612.55. The budget was approved unanimously by councilors. 

The city approved the annual free trash day at the Transfer Station for the Saturday following Christmas, December 30th. They also approved the purchase of a tire changer for the city garage. Currently, the city sends tires out at a rate of $15/tire. They have been doing this for the last two or three years since the city’s previous tire changer stopped working after 30 years. The tire changer will be used for police vehicles, trucks, 1-ton vehicles, ambulances as and other vehicles. The council approved the purchase of the machine not to exceed $3,800. 

City Clerk Theresa Porter received the Council’s permission to send the final 30-day letter to the tax and sewer acquired properties. The letters needed to be sent prior to the next city council meeting. 

The Council also appointed Andrea Walton as the City Assessor. The current assessor will be getting done at the end of the year and this will allow time for Walton to work with her a bit. Walton just obtained her assessor’s license and this will be her first position as assessor. Walton currently works for the city of Calais as an assessing clerk.

The city has also received the bound copies of RKO’s audit of the city and the school. RKO would like to present the audit to the council when they come down to the audit of the Water Department at the end of February. 

The Calais City Council will meet again after the New Year.