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Sally Doten



It’s snowing; it’s Monday; it’s 8:30 p.m. and I am now just preparing to write a column. I think you could say I am “dragging my heals” just a bit.

Company came to our house this past weekend. Daughter Carol and Peter Brown were here for overnight. It was great to see them. She is just recovering from knee replacement surgery and doing very well. 

Eddie Noddin was the recipient of a family birthday party recently. Guests at the home were Linda and Freddie Wallace, Lynn and Marjorie Wallace, and Coburn and Norma Wallace. Eddie blew out the candles on his cake but I can’t tell you just how many there were.

After every snow storm I have a wonderful “snow elf” that comes and clears my walkway; shovels out the garage; and makes a path for Jim to walk to the chicken coop. This nice elf has been assisting us for four years now. He’s such a good guy and I love him dearly. Thank you, Greg Smith, for being so kind to this now elderly couple.

Nice to see Gilda McPhee out walking again. After she lost her dog she gave up the strolling the streets for a while. I am glad to see her go by the house again on her daily jaunts.

Dorothy Johnson has been under the weather lately. If you haven’t noticed, her weekly column and recipe page have been missing for three weeks. I hope that she is feeling better soon and gets back to writing. I love reading her stories and family history. Get well soon, you are missed.

I miss the excitement of the kids being small and seeing their eyes light up when they saw what Santa brought. I loved wrapping each gift and stuffing each sock. You think of those times as you get older and, sometimes, wish them back but that is not to be. The kids grew up and gave us 7 beautiful grandchildren. In a wink of the eye those 7 grew up and now lead their own lives. We now have one 5-year-old great-granddaughter who lives in Ellsworth. So now I only wrap gifts for her. Life goes on as God promised it would. We are older, no wiser, quieter, and content in knowing all is well in our little world. 

From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas!