Fundraising in Progress for Hospital Pulmonology Equipment


In recognition of Calais Regional Hospital’s economic contributions to our local economies ($15,000,000 annually and the employment of over 240 residents), Downeast Economic Development is taking the lead in fundraising efforts that are specific to pulmonology equipment for the hospital.

In its efforts to serve our communities, CRH has hired a pulmonologist and is now leasing bronchoscopy equipment for the treatment of patients with pulmonary conditions and illnesses.  The equipment necessary for the cleaning and maintenance of the machine is not available for lease and must be purchased at a cost of $42,000.  Downeast Economic Development understands that the financial viability of our hospital is a critical piece in the overall success of the St. Croix Valley’s ability to grow economically and demographically.

“It’s amazing how fast the word has spread among the business community,” says DED Director, Julie Jordan.  “The donations have already begun to come in from around the region and some businesses, such as Pratt Chevrolet, are issuing a “challenge” to potential donors by offering to match contributions.”  

Downeast Economic Development’s Board of Directors sees this project as an opportunity to invest in the region by supporting our community hospital and encourages everyone (business or individual) to donate any amount to this project.  Contributions should be made payable to Calais Regional Hospital (donations are tax deductible) and can be mailed to CRH at One Hospital Lane, Calais, Maine 04619.