Letter to the Editor - Healthcare reimbursement for rural hospitals


Healthcare reimbursement for rural hospitals throughout our nation is very complex and becoming more and more difficult each day due to the increased regulations and decreased funding by government agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid, which make-up approximately 65% of our volume here at Calais Regional Hospital (CRH). We continue to work with these agencies, commercial payors and other governmental agencies to improve our cash flow. 

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Trustees, Medical Staff and employees at CRH to thank Congressman Bruce Poliquin for his unwavering help with helping reduce our accounts receivable from yet another governmental agency, the Veterans Administration by 33%. Congressman Poliquin and his team have done a tremendous job in getting the VA to help clean-up our burgeoning receivables and to receive payments sooner by working closely and directly with us and the VA. Congressman Poliquin himself stayed in close contact with me throughout this time period and even arranged to have representatives from the VA’s leadership team from Colorado and Texas come to Calais to see first-hand what the issues were so we could work together to fix them.

Once again, many thanks to Congressman Poliquin for all your help to strengthen our hospital’s financial position. 


Rod Boula

Chief Executive Officer