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Linda Baniszeski 


The count down to Christmas day has begun.  If today’s kids are anything like my generation, they can hardly wait for Christmas day, and barely get to sleep on its eve.  Christmas season birthdays this week include Kenneth Frost - on the 22nd, Dr. Renata Bartneke - 23, and  Terry “Skip” Carter and Janet Wooding share birthdays on Christmas Day, December 25.  Here’s hoping they each get double presents.

The temperatures have dived into the single digits over the past few nights.  The lake surface has again frozen over; but it’s certainly not safe to walk upon.  The long suffering ducks that hung around way too long are now gone.  Safe travels to them and everyone traveling during the holiday season.

Terry Reynolds always wins the prize for the nicest decorations in our part of Meddybemps.  It is lovely to drive down our lane at night and be welcomed by the window and outside lights on his properties, and now a light display showering red and blue brilliance on the garage mahal.

Not much news this week. Please send more to or phone 454-3719.

Merry Christmas to all.