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Sandra Smith


A bit of a strange week in P-town this week. First, Scott Carle stopped by to let us know a friend of ours on West Street had fallen on the ice and was not noticed for a few hours. When Scott’s dogs starting barking, they went to check out what they were barking about. Our friend was very lucky they found him as he was in a very serious condition and could have frozen. He was OK but took a few days to recover. So if you have older neighbors, maybe just pay a bit of attention to their activities. And if you are a senior take care and don’t take chances.

Next, there was the duck rescue team. I had stopped in to Krafty Kreations and they told me to watch out for the box on the floor because there was a live duck in it. Then Terry Moffitt came in and told the story of three domestic ducks wandering around town and it took six helpers to capture them right in front of our side yard. We had seen them but thought they were wild and made sure they made it across the street. But then at some time they came back. So now they are all being taken care of by our animal control officer, Rhonda Cobb.

Lastly, I learned that our neighbors on Rt. 1, the O’Neils, had their home broken into. It just always makes me sad to have it happen in our small town and angry that there are people out there that have so little respect for someone’s home. Gone are the days when everyone left the doors unlocked and friends just walked in to visit. Again, I guess we all have to be more alert to something that doesn’t look like the usual routine.

Heidi is back at the library and there are some nice books with Christmas crafts and stories that she has set up in a special display. Don’t forget to get your dvd’s for the holiday.

On Christmas Eve I think our very special Fire Department will be giving Santa Claus a ride around town, so be prepared.

Finally almost done with this cough. Still haven’t got my Christmas tree up and decorations done but need to do it soon because I do have family and guests coming in this weekend.

I do wish everyone to have as good a holiday as they can!

A huge reminder that the town office will be closed December 25-January 1, so plan ahead for making your tax payments and any other business by this Friday.

Additionally note that the library will be closed the next two Mondays, each being a holiday.

December 20 - Princeton Elementary School Winter Concert 6:00 p.m.

December 21 - Princeton Elementary School Early Release 10:55 a.m.

December 21 - St. Croix Regional Family Health Center Holiday Social 1:30-2:30 p.m.

December 22 - January 1 - Princeton Elementary School - School Closed for Vacation

December 25 -January 1 - Princeton Town Office Closed

December 28 - St. Croix Regional Family Health Center - Making New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep 1:30-2:30 p.m.

January 10 - Princeton Elementary PTO Meeting 6:00 p.m.

January 31 - Deadline for licensing dogs

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