There are real angels.

This time of year when we think of the signs of the season, feelings and stories of miracles, we often see angels of many sizes and descriptions. My story tells of real angels. I recently had the misfortune to have developed septicemia from an operation. For those of you who have never had occasion to experience this potentially fatal condition, it can wreak havoc on the person and family alike. I was so sick that I had mere scant hours to to live. Here is the part about real angels. The nurses that I have had the pleasure to encounter have proven to me that angels are indeed real. These angels we call nurses made a bad situation tolerable and in fact even pleasant and so willing to serve, the only thing that describes them is angels. I have come to know that the nursing profession is much more than just a job. Nursing is a calling. It is doing things that most of us would never think of doing and they do it with high spirits and a smile no matter the adversity they face. They experience such a vast variety of conditions and yet are able to put forth a friendly and kind demeanor no matter the situation. They have to face fatal situations with compassion, caring, a positive attitude and a smile when appropriate, even if they are feeling the weight of the sadness at the outcome. I personally found myself waiting with anticipation for their presence in my hospital room. They buoyed my spirits and were so caring that their positive and cheery attitude was infectious for me. Without such people, my two month stay in the hospital would have been insufferable. Of course when in these situations one longs for family and friends, that goes without saying. These angels are able to lighten such untenable situations with their happy, cheery and professional demeanor under adverse conditions. I cannot say enough about these real angels, so at this time of year and all year long we must remember that there are indeed real angels. Thanks to all nurses everywhere and especially to my nurse/angels at Calais Regional Hospital and Eastern Maine Medical Center. I also cannot forget the housekeeping staff and doctors. They too helped with a laugh or two and friendly conversation that made me feel like I was still part of the outside world.

Merry Christmas, happy new year and a very special thank you to all nurse/angels everywhere.

With much gratitude

Roland Botelho