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Little Liam Bohanon came all the way from Germany over Christmas to meet his down east family. Pictured are five generations. From left to right Jeanette Beach, Jesse Grass, Dustin Bohanon, Pauline Beach and Liam Bohanon. (Submitted photo)

Cassie Oakes


Lots of news this week and I want to thank all my contributors, keep that news coming!

Welcoming a new grandchild over this weekend to the Sivret clan were Alexander residents David and Sherry Sivret.  Their daughter Hannah McGivery and her husband Tyler presented them with a new granddaughter on January 7th.  Her name is Lux Emery McGivery.  The proud grandma is Helen Brooks of Robbinston.  Congratulations to the whole family.

Mary Ellen Nadeau of Crawford had a houseful over the Christmas holiday.  Her granddaughters (and son Mark Nadeau’s daughters) Kayla and Alexa Nadeau from Randolph, Maine visited for a full week helping to make the holiday merry.  Mary Ellen’s son Mike Nadeau and grandson Griffin travelled all the way to Crawford from Florida for the holiday making for a full house.  Then they got to spend a couple extra days in Crawford when their flights were delayed due to the recent storm making the holidays last just a bit longer.  The excitement for the Nadeau’s continues as Mark is preparing to move into his new home in Crawford.  It took a bit to get it, but well worth the wait.

Over Christmas break, Dustin Bohanon and his wife Madeline and their son Liam travelled from Germany to Down East Maine to visit with family and friends.  Dustin is the son of Pauline Beach who resides here in Alexander and Jamie Bohanon of Baileyville.  While they were in the area they were able to visit with family and friends.  Jamie even hosted an Open House over the holidays so folks could stop in to reconnect with Dustin and meet his new grandson.  Dustin and his family were also able to go to Vanceboro to visit with Pauline’s side of the family.  While there, a five-generation picture was taken. It is quite a feat to have five generations and then to get them all together in one place!

Despite the recent snowstorm the home of Charlie and Marguerite White of Crawford was buzzing when family gathered together to celebrate Christmas. This was a multigenerational party for sure. There was lots of food, laughs, gift giving and love.  Those folks in attendance were Donna Harvey, Vicki and George Grant, Pam Grant, B.J., Joey and Josie Wallace, Nathan James, Rob and Amy Gaudet, Darlene Norman, Carrie Norman and Dustin Sullivan.  Donna’s granddaughter Rachel Harvey was sick over Christmas but she did get to spend the last few days over vacation with her Nana Donna Harvey.

Do you remember Caitlin Foley Saino who grew up right here in Alexander?  Caitlin is the daughter of John and Pat Foley who have resided in Alexander for many years.  Caitlin attended Alexander Elementary School and is a Graduate of Woodland High School Class of 1993.  Caitlin then attended Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire and received a Bachelor of Arts in 1997. Then she attended Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering and received her Bachelors in Engineering in 1998. She married and she and her husband Garth reside in Marlborough, Massachusetts with their two sons Heath, 13 and Craig, 10.  Caitlin is a mechanical engineer who has changed vocations and is now a crochet designer and stay-at-home mom and published author.  Caitlin has several books on Amazon, all related to crocheting with titles like “100 Snowflakes to Crochet”, “100 Lace Flowers to Crochet”, “75 Lace Crochet Motifs” and more.  Caitlin has a Facebook page Caitlin Saino Designs and also has an Etsy account where you can view and purchase her designs.  I highly recommend if you are surfing the net, surf right over to check out Caitlin’s page.

Do you know someone who came from Alexander/Crawford and who is doing new and interesting things?  Shoot me a note and let me know so I can share with the readers.  

Here is John Dudley’s report on progress being made on the Property Maps.

Jane Davis Manza delivered her completed work on Sheet 15 that includes two islands in Meddybemps Lake, the Gooseneck area and several undeveloped woodlots.  Thank you Jane for your hard work.

John finished comparing Wagner’s 2013 Tree Growth map with Carleton Davis’s 1991 Georgia-Pacific ownership list and the actual lot of Alexander.  Changes since 1991 include sale by GP of four small pieces of land and purchase of blueberry land found on two abutting lots by Wagner.

A note came to John on Wednesday that had one bit of important information.  “We can’t put letters into a number field” on our digitized map.  “Therefore we must change the “I” for islands, “G” for gore, “R” for rim and “MS” for Ministreal-School lot to numbers.

After cleaning up from the storm, Ted Carter picked up his pack sheet nine material.  Those on the committee are moving forward!

Good thoughts are being sent out to Greg Holst, Elwin Daley, Linda Richardson, Lynn Hill, Trudy Poole, David Carson, John Haley, Nina Huntley and Ron McArthur. 

Upcoming birthday wishes go out to Carlene Colson, Joshua Kinney Jr., Laurie Larkin, Angel Sanford, Jonathan Ingersoll, Kenneth Poole, Austin Porter, Josephine Korasadowictz and Vicki Grant.

I would like send my sister-in-law Susanna Oakes a special happy birthday wish in Baltimore, Maryland.  Love you and hope you have a great day!

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This week at Randy’s the Lucky Loser was Lenny Hanson.  Do you want to know how to be a Lucky Loser?  Stop at Randy’s and check it out. 

On Monday, Mom and I dropped Sebastian and Susanna at the airport, their plane had a two-hour delay so Susanna said we should head home and we did.  We no sooner got home and heard that their flight had been canceled.  We chatted with them on the phone and found out they would fly out late the next day and they were put up in a hotel with a pool with vouchers for meals.  A true adventure for her and Sebastian to end their holiday visit in Maine.   It was a great week with them. I enjoyed hanging out with Susanna a great deal and Sebastian is a smart and well behaved little boy.  Then our lives returned to normal starting with me and a cough and cold.  I did make it to the center for a couple of days for games and Friday’s lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  I could have done without the snowstorm and the cold but I am lucky to have a nice warm home, food to eat and parents that keep it that way.

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