Baring News

Town News


Sally Doten



I think tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the beginning of a heat wave. Forecasters are saying it will go to 40 degrees. I will have to dig out my sandals. 

A week before Christmas, Jim fell, cracked 3 ribs and received contusions to one lung. He has barely been out of the house since then. He goes out to feed the chickens in the morning and that about sums up his day. Please keep him in your thoughts as Thursday will be the start of many medical tests. 

Hasn’t this been the most wonderful cold snap we’ve lived through in a few years? I was thinking back when I was a kid and I couldn’t remember ever a day when I wasn’t outside playing and school was never cancelled. It didn’t matter whether it was snowing or not, every kid in those days was bundled up in layers of clothes, scarves around the necks, and homemade wool socks in the boots.  We didn’t have a TV to watch, only a radio to listen, so mothers kicked us outside to play. And guess what, each one of us survived. We built snow forts, tunnels, and snow characters. We didn’t know any other way of life. I wonder if today’s kids are missing something? 

I can remember my mom hanging out clothes only to bring them back inside frozen solid. They then were laid over clothes racks in front of the wood stove to dry. How many young mothers today would do that? And not complain? And this is the end of the walk down Memory Lane. 

It is a quite little village here and no news to share that I know of, thus the reason for my previous statements. 

You all take care. If you are outside watch your step, with the new snowfall today and the thawing the next couple of days things will be messy and slippery. Stay on your feet; no broken bones please.

I hope to have more to share with you next week. If you would like to increase my income, call me with news. Thank you.