St. Anne’s To Offer Spanish Lessons

By Lura Jackson


If learning a new language is part of your New Year’s resolutions this year, you’re in luck – St. Anne’s Episcopal Church will soon be offering the opportunity to learn Spanish from a well-versed linguist, Richard Auletta. For those looking to enhance their ability in other languages, Auletta is planning to offer additional classes later in the spring, potentially including German or French. 

The Spanish classes will begin on Saturday, January 20th at St. Anne’s in the main hall. They will continue to be offered at 10:00 a.m. each Saturday as long as there is interest. “This will be a fun, easy way to learn conversational Spanish,” shared Revered Sara Gavit. There is no age restriction and all who are interested are invited to come and learn the language, regardless of their prior skill level. The church is requesting a small donation for those that come to participate. 

Each of the lessons is anticipated to last between one and two hours. According to Auletta, the primary goal of the class is to “provide an entertaining and informative hour or two.” In addition, Auletta plans to expand the teachings to encompass a basis for further study, “for those interested, for example, in traveling to places where the foreign language is spoken, or to speak with native speakers of the foreign language.”

Auletta has an extensive background in languages and in teaching. He received a Master’s degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, refining his own understanding and appreciation of languages. Before retiring in December of 2012, he was the assistant professor of foreign languages at Long Island University in New York for over 40 years. 

Learning a language has been demonstrated through multiple studies to be beneficial for the brain at any age. Those who become bilingual or multilingual have been proven to be better at multitasking, to have better memory function, to be more perceptive, and to have a greater ability to make rational decisions, along with staving off dementia and Alzheimer’s.