Calais Lady Blue Devils




Against George Stevens Academy the Lady Blue Devils took charge early playing to a powerful 34-18 lead midway and then securing an easy 67-36 victory at the horn. Lauren Cook continues to dominate as she poured in 28 points over 32 minutes of action. Sophie McVicar earned 16 points, Prue Maxwell hit 8, Olivia Huckins 7, and Libby Bitar 6 in the decision. 

Calais 12 34 49 67

GSA 6 18 28 36

Against Houlton Calais was down 20-15 after 8 minutes and the spread continued through the final 62-48 score. The top rated Shiretowners were powered by Bouchard who poured in 30 points! On the Calais ledger Lauren Cook had a superb game managing a big 24 points against the top team in Class C. Sophie hit 9, Libby 6, and Prue 5 in the loss.

Calais 15 22 30 48

Houlton 20 28 46 62


Lauren Cook led the Calais Lady Blue Devils to a 65-55 victory over Bucksport with 25 points. Olivia Huckins hit 12 points, Prue Maxwell added 11, and Sophie McVicar and Libby Bitar chipped in 8 each in the win.