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Sunday, January 21 will be an afternoon of music and soup with the Valley Gospel Singers at Union Street Atlantic Baptist Church at 2:00 p.m. (US).

I’m not a family bragger, but I am proud of my grandchildren and all they have accomplished. The youngest, Kate, was active in soccer, chorus and is now in her first year of Teachers’ College in Boston. 

Liam is a sophomore at MBI majoring in Youth Ministry. He plays soccer, works as a valet and plays basketball with inner city teams. He spent last year’s spring break in Greece helping refugee resettlement and this past summer lived next to Wrigley Field and took a bicycle to work. He just left for Israel for his 2nd semester.

Luke is in norther Japan with the USAF for a year and a half. He will be stateside this spring, for four months of Weapons Director training in Arizona before heading back.

Brenna is the oldest and she is a traveling cardiac surgical technician and was married in Tennessee in November, just before her husband was deployed to Iraq.

Son Chris graduated from CHS, joined the Marines for four years and attended Moody Bible Institute. He has been preaching in the same church in Barrington, N.H. since graduating. His wife Becky is a dental hygienist.

A gathering of friends were on hand Monday afternoon at the home of Lisa Fox to celebrate Joni Miller’s birthday. Appetizers, coffee, tea and a beautiful cake made by Pat Townsend was served.

Happy Birthday to: Irene Moreside, Donna Redding, Irene Gallway, Brenda Donaghy, Donna Mitchell, John Brooks, Marilyn Redding, Marnelle Pottle, Forrestine Wheelock, William Head, Holly Pickens, Lyndsay McIver, Terry Brownlee and Bette Ingersoll.

God is faithful and continues to bless in all our seasons.