Calais Schools to Start Streaming Sports and Events

By Kaileigh Deacon


At their meeting on Tuesday, January 9th, the Calais School Committee listened as Superintendent Ron Jenkins read a letter from a student requesting permission to offer live-streaming of games and events for the high school through the school system’s website. The committee enthusiastically agreed to the idea. 

Student Shane DelMonaco offered to take on the responsibility of handling the service and stated in his letter that he would also be able to provide all the equipment needed for the service. “I would like to stream sports and events to the website because it would give people who are away or unable to attend the games an opportunity to watch them anyway,” DelMonaco said in a follow-up conversation. The services would include all Calais home games, ceremonies at the high school, as well as any other events that would interest the public. Calais is not the first to allow streaming sports games on their school website but it would be a huge addition. The streaming service would bring the events at Calais High School to people who are unable to attend in person. While there is no official start date for the service, it is something that’s being pursued aggressively. 

The Committee also discussed maintenance issues that the schools will need to address this year. One big issue is the entry doors at the Calais Elementary School. Currently, the doors are not flush and have gaps underneath that allow the cold and weather to get into the school. Principal Sue Carter said they are using what is at their disposal to protect the school from the elements including shopping bags. They sought quotes on what the cost to fix the issue would be, but the quotes came in higher than expected at right around $10,000. The whole unit would have to be replaced, the framing as well as the doors themselves. Another issue the committee discussed was making the doors at the schools handicap accessible with buttons for automatic opening. The parking lot at the elementary school also needs paving to fix major pot holes. 

In order for the school to pay bills, it is currently required that three school committee members sign the warrants in addition to the superintendent. Superintendent Jenkins approached the committee about the possibility of requiring only one committee member as well as the Superintendent. After discussion it was decided that they would approve the change so long as at least three members, including the one to sign the warrant, approved the warrant in writing or verbally. At the suggestion of committee member Kevin Niles, the Committee will look into other new ways to sign warrants. For example electronic signatures will accommodate schedules and other instances where in-person signings are difficult. 

With unanimous approval the Committee approved the hiring of Paige Gillespie as the Ed Tech I at the Calais Alternative School. They also hired Mary Finn as an Ed Tech I at the Calais Elementary School. 

The School Committee also started discussion on the possibility of raising the daily substitute teacher rate. The current rate for substitute teachers is $65/day. All Calais schools are suffering from alarmingly short substitute lists and would welcome additions. They will look at the change and bring forward a recommendation later. 

The Baileyville School Board reached out to the Calais School Committee to continue discussions on consolidation that were started earlier this fall. The committee agreed to a meeting, however no time or date has been set as of yet. 

The Calais School Committee will meet again on January 23 at 6:00 p.m. in the Calais Middle High School library.