Flooding Challenges Vehicles, Closes Roads

By Lura Jackson


A heavy rainfall combined with warm temperatures followed by a sudden drop in temperatures produced roads that were occasionally flooded and beset by ice around Eastern Washington County over the weekend. Some roads were closed outright as a result of waters seeping in from nearby streams, such as in St. Stephen, while other roads were covered in multiple layers of ice. 

Those seeking to travel along the main thoroughfares between towns were often redirected along alternate routes. Outside of Northfield on 192, flooding from a nearby stream rendered the route impassable, while those near East Machias contended with a flooded 191. In Dennysville, the Dennys River swelled its banks and overran Route 86.

St. Stephen experienced significant flooding along King Street and various other areas including behind the Charlotte County Mall as a result, in part, of the many tributaries running through the city and feeding into the St. Croix River. Nearly 3.5 inches of rain fell in St. Stephen within 24 hours, overwhelming the city’s drainage system. The flooding necessitated a detour around King Street for travelers through the area.

In Calais, flooding along Hardscrabble and Union Street produced layers of ice that were soon rutted by vehicles and then refrozen, making parts of the roads difficult to pass over the weekend. Some residences and businesses were affected by high waters coming up from the sewer, situations that were further exacerbated by the long holiday weekend.