Interview with a Brining Shed

Seen here in its full splendor c. 1977, the McCurdy Smokehouse brining shed hopes to live again as a replica of its former self through the restoration efforts of Lubec Landmarks. Lubec photographer Scott W. Olson took this picture when he was only 16 years old. Prints are available at his website, (Photo courtesy Scott W. Olson.)

By Sarah Craighead 



After collapsing off its pilings during a storm on Jan. 4, the Lubec brining shed sailed itself under the International Bridge to land on Campobello Island, where it rests today.  The event has sparked strong emotion and controversy on both sides of the border.

Once we learned that we could speak directly to the Lubec brining shed via its Facebook page, we submitted a formal interview request. Though the shed went to pieces over the weekend, it found time to respond to our query.

What was life like when you were a young brining shed?

Well, to be honest, I always wanted to be a boat. So my first days as a shed were a bit of a letdown, but I adjusted. And I lived my dream in the end, didn’t I?

Did you get along with the other smokehouse buildings?

Well, I didn’t have a problem with them, but they all resented me for being in their way as they looked across at beautiful Campobello.

What do you miss most about Lubec?

My legs.

Have you tried curling yet?

Not yet. Hoping to compete in bobshedding over here but haven’t had the opportunity.

Have you been following the controversy on Facebook about you?

I have. I’ve tried to keep everyone calmed down with my awesome sense of humor but I can only do so much. I just hope everyone can let go of the hurt in their hearts and learn to love again.

How are you feeling today?

Oh I’m feeling great. Some of my most outspoken critics on Facebook secretly come down here and hug me as they sing kumbaya. Plus they usually bring me a nip or two of brandy on these cold nights.

What do you hope will come from your travels?

I hope everyone learns to help each other and work together to maintain a strong international community. No more bickering. Pretty please…

How is the Canadian sugar shack doing?

Doing fine. Been on three dates already.

Will you bring back any souvenirs of Canada?

I’ll bring back a whole bunch of Canadian love in my heart.