Massive Flooding Around the Area

Route 191 in East Machias was among the roads affected by flooding from meltwaters and rain, as shown in this photo. (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Champagne)

Flooding from the Dennys River made passage along Route 86 by the junction of Route 1 temporarily challenging if not impossible over the weekend. (Photo Courtesy of Molly Calder)

Bad Little Falls in Machias was a torrent of raging freezing waters that coated their surroundings in a layer of ice following the rains and cold temperatures of the weekend. (Photo courtesy of Peter Scoville).

Waters ran high in St. Stephen over the weekend, flooding various areas. This stream, which runs into the Dennis Stream and then back into the St. Croix River, was among the tributaries that overflowed, prompting a detour around King Street. The Ganong building can be seen in the background. (Photo courtesy of Mark at 98.1 The Tide)