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Linda Baniszeski 


Many thoughts and prayers are with Terry Reynolds who is quite ill.   

There is not a lot of news again this week.  Only some observations about things going on around us.  The red squirrels acted like prairie dogs as they popped up through the snow from their little burrows.  On Thursday, driving to Machias on 191, melted snow that turned to slush pulled the car every which way.  Only a center section was cleared, and each lane had but one area to get the left side of vehicle wheels on a surface with traction.  Finally, on the way home two plow trucks were clearing the roadways.   My car was so dirty from top to bottom, it appeared as if I had driven the AlCan Highway through Alaska before it was paved (like when my parents drove the route in the 1970’s).  

Heavy rain on Friday and Saturday created flooding due to ice dams blocking normal channels of drainage.  The heavy winds blew a lot of leaves and tree debris onto the lake surface on our cove.  Now it’s frozen in place creating a not-so-pristine  view.  Much of the earlier snow has melted and washed away.  However, it also created some dangerous wash outs in dirt lanes and along the edges of 191.   Crews were out trying to fill them and repair the damage.  Inexperienced drivers could have a hard time if they got off the road into one of the rough ruts and didn’t know how to ride it out until they could carefully get back on the road.  Many a car has flipped that way over the years.

Due to the constant series of the lake ice melting and refreezing with single digit temperatures, the lake has been making some tremendous racket.  The sound it made the other night was like rolling thunder.  Scuffy and I were outside before bedtime, and she was so afraid of the noise, she raced to the house and wouldn’t go back out.  During the night, there were cracks and booms, grexes and groans as the ice readjusted to the temperature changes.   The newly frigid temperatures have made the frozen lake appear like the surface of the moon with its scars, cracks and rough areas.

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