Snowmobilers Urged to Stay on Marked Trails

With snowmobilers now able to enjoy their recreational vehicles, notices have gone out from multiple points reminding snowmobilers to stay on marked trails. 

The Princeton Regional Airport shares an urgent call to stay on the marked trails around the airport following an incident near the runway while Lifeflight was attempting to land to pick up an individual requiring urgent medical care. "Please realize that is it a privilege for snowmobiles to use airport property," the airport posted online on January 10th. 

Baileyville Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons voiced a reminder to snowmobilers around the Airline Motel to stay on the marked trails. Per Fitzsimmons, the owner of the property has a large tract of land with the trail running through it, yet some are not abiding by the correct course. "If folks keep taking a shortcut through the parking lot he may very well shut the trail down. Don't be the person to screw it up for everybody else," Fitzsimmons commented.