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I am so sorry about last week. I must admit I completely forgot to write the column. Do you think that may be an age factor? You don’t have to answer that…..                    

FIBER OPTICS ….what do you think?  

 I recently received this email from Julie Jordan. Let me know what you think and answer the questions that will be posted on the Baring Facebook page, Baring Information.

 In early January, town representatives met with Julie Jordan of Downeast Economic Development to discuss the possibility of Baring Plantation’s inclusion in their initiative to bring fiber optic broadband to the region.   A first step in this process will be to gauge the interest of residents and business owners.  Julie will be attending Baring’s Annual Town Meeting in February to present details of the project, answer questions and explain the benefits of fiber optic broadband.  Prior to the meeting, residents can visit Baring’s Facebook page and click on the survey link to answer a few questions about current broadband service.  

It was a busy weekend in this household. On Thursday, son Jeff, daughter Carol, and grandson Alex arrived. I had to “farm out” a couple since I only have 2 bedrooms. Jeff went to the Pinettes in Calais, and Alex stayed with Dennis & Rhonda. I was in heaven because for the first time in a while, I had all 3 kids together when we went to Edmunds on Saturday. Beth had prepared a great lunch for all of us. Dale Wunder and Nicole Austin were there from Holden; Jamie Wunder and daughter Harper from Ellsworth; Carol from Augusta; Jeff and Alex from Kennebunk, and Jim and I. Kevin and Beth were great hosts. So many laughs so much fun. 

On Sunday afternoon, Beth and I delivered Harper back to Ellsworth. It was a long, quick trip up and back. 

Glad to hear that Susan McCray of Baileyville had a good medical report on Monday. She has been cleared for 8 months before her next appointment. Way to go, Susan.

Baring Gifts is still opened until the end of the month. If you see a car there, Candy will be there to wait on you. Hours are sporadic as she is going through leftover stock and painting the walls. I am impatiently waiting to see her new line of products, of which she won’t tell me.

Justis and Olivia Smith recently returned home from Florida. They went down before Christmas and spent days exploring and relaxing. So much fun for Mother and Daughter.

My heart still hurts after losing a dear friend, Jason Lincoln. He was a lovable man, full of life and fun. We worked together at McGovern’s Ambulance a few years back. I was Wrecker 2 to his Wrecker 1. The nicknames stuck! Each time we met we never addressed each other with our proper names. My prayers go out to his father Dennis and family.

Sorry to tell you that Dotty Johnson is still feeling under the weather. You know she hasn’t written her column for over a month because of illness. If you get a chance drop her a card and tell her you miss her. I know I do.

Stay well and call me with news.