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Have you ever seen an owl pellet? School children frequently are assigned the task of dissecting an owl pellet and laying it out on a piece of paper or cardboard with the bones they have found inside. I looked at Nolan’s owl pellet project he did in the 4th grade when he discovered the whole skeleton of a vole in his pellet. When an owl eats another creature, it digests what it can, like flesh and meat, but it cannot digest feathers, fur, or bones, so it spits it up in a pellet the size of a floating fishing lure. During this adventure you may find places where in better weather you can locate an owl pellet. It is a great adventure. Be sure and mark this date on your calendar!

Full Moon Owl Prowl, Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM Join DLLT staff celebrating January’s full moon with an “Owl Prowl!”  Mating season for many species of owls occurs in winter, ahead of other birds, and owls are more likely to be seen and heard during a full moon.  On Tuesday, January 30th, interested participants will meet at the Grand Lake Stream Dam parking lot at 5 pm.  Participants will head out on a short walk through the surrounding woods, calling for owls along the way, and discussing the amazing adaptations of these nocturnal hunters.  Please dress warmly and bring sturdy footwear – snowshoes are not required.  For more information, please call DLLT at (207) 796 – 2100, or email

Women to Women would like to announce that the new updated Grand Lake Stream Directories have just arrived!  The group is asking for a donation of $5 to offset the cost of printing.  Call Sue Whitely 796-0888 or Elaine Brown 796-5269 to get your copy! 

Also remember that the Snowmobile Club meets the last Wednesday of each month at the Clubhouse at 6:30 in the evening. For more details contact Andrea Swift. Thanks for all you do Andrea!!!  Lots to talk about. The trail grooming has been going very well!

The annual coyote contest has been moving along and here are the results as of January 22, 2018: 

Smith’s General Store has tagged a total of 15 coyotes of which 5 were males and 10 females. Partridge Meadow has tagged a total of 8 (2 were males and 6 were females). Jeff Geel tagged his coyotes at Partridge Meadow and is the leader in both the male (44.1 pounds) and female (36.50 pounds) weight category. Pine Tree Store has tagged a total of 5 of which 4 are males and 1 is female. Whitney’s has tagged a total of 4 coyotes of which 3 were male and 1 a female. At this time there are 32 contestants. Enjoy night hunting? A great way to enjoy the outside and bring some “Allen’s”!!  The annual coyote contest saves the lives of many small spring fawns.

Your humble correspondent Dave McCullough, 207-712-8294 or