Letter to the Editor - Baring Residents Question Power Surge

In the wee hours of the morning on January 13, many Baring residents experienced a brief loss of power because of a power surge from the Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative lines. I didn’t know anything about this until I received a message on my Facebook page.

After talking with several families today I discovered they had many losses due to the surge. Heat pumps were damaged, TV’s were fried, microwaves outed, and lamps put out of commission. Our home was hit; the fire alarms went off, and a circuit breaker went out. We had no damages. But what about these other families? Who is responsible for paying for their losses? Does EMEC hold the cards, do they pay?

I have not spoken to the management of EMEC but reports from the residents indicate that a 20-year-old piece of equipment failed; a cracked insulator. I have no idea what this means but wonder if it’s 20 years old was it maintained properly? At least 15 homeowners need to know the answer.

If you had any damages done to your property may I suggest you contact EMEC upon reading this article and call your homeowners insurance.  Both entities need to know what has happened to your property.

Sally Doten