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Town News


On Saturday in Dennysville, as well as the monthly breakfast at the Parish Hall, there was a fond farewell funeral and Celebration of Life for Myron Curtis that was full to capacity and more.  He will be greatly missed.

First Monday Tea at the library was very well attended and Ron Windhorst provided tasty sweet treats, as well some chick pea humus and crackers.  There were also two more types of humus and crackers.  Colin Windhorsts did the tea duty and everyone had a fine time with wide ranging conversation.  

During tea, the matter of what sort of DVDs we would enjoy together this winter on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month … until we decide to stop.  We will begin on Friday, February 16th at 6:30 p.m. with the very first installment of the well-loved BBC series All Creatures Great and Small featuring all the members of a Scottish small town veterinary practice, including the vets, of course, as well as the interesting and entertaining and endearing members of the area who call in the local vet for help with the animals.  Whether we continue the series or change to something else will be decided by the attendees.  Come enjoy and contribute to the future choices.  Cider, water, and popcorn provided.



The town has lost a longtime resident Allen Carter, eldest son of Eddie Carter, who predeceased him by a number of years.  He was the only one of Eddie’s five children still residing in Maine  Bless you, Allen.



The Perry Congregational Church has been dealing with the effects of a recalcitrant furnace that refuses to be fixed.  Each Sunday, there is a hope that this Sunday they’ll be back in the sanctuary, but for several Sundays they have been worshipping in the Fellowship Room, which is most fortunately heated by a different and more cooperative furnace.  Maybe this next Sunday will be the Sunday of a revived furnace.



The Craft Fair at the Pembroke School last Saturday was such a nice surprise, in the middle of winter!  There were vendors from a much wider area, many of whom had never been to Pembroke, but were drawn by the worthy cause of raising money for the benefit of our Veterans who are in need.  Especially interesting were several photographers' wares - postcards, notecards, and framed or mounted photos - all so well done and beautiful.

Have I mentioned that the Pie Ladies’ shop is open again!  Yum!