MDIFW Ice Fishing Report For February

In case you hadn’t heard, its February, and Downeast, that means West Grand Lake is now open to ice fishing. West Grand is one of the premier waters in the region, and anglers flock to it every year when it opens due to the high number and large size of the landlocked salmon there.

 “The fishing should be very good. The salmon on West Grand that we saw this past fall showed good growth, and when the hatchery staff were netting, they caught more salmon than they ever have,” said MDIFW fisheries biologist Greg Burr. 

Another attractive option on West Grand is the fishing for whitefish. 

“You’lll want to try Junior Bay for whitefish. Fish right off the bottom with small bait, or jig with some small hooks tipped with a bit of bait,” said Burr.

 If you are looking for salmon and togue, you may want to try Branch Lake, Green Lake, Beech Hill Pond and West Musquash Lake. Branch is producing togue in the 7-10 pound range and Green Lake togue are tipping the scales in the 8-10 pound range. Beech Hill is producing salmon over 20 inches and togue in the 8-10 pound range as well.

 Tunk Lake has also been fishing well, with good numbers of togue, salmon and brook trout. Salmon are over 20 inches, and some of the togue that are being caught are ten pounds. Anglers are doing well targeting brook trout along the shore. Be careful fishing the northern end where ice can be a little treacherous.