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Kathy Mekelburg



January was a month of many extremes. The monthly mean temperature of 20 degrees was 0.7 degrees above normal. However, there were great temperature swings. Maximum temperature of 57 degrees occurred on the 13th. This reading established a new January high in 24 Januarys on record. The previous high was 56 degrees set Jan. 4, 2000. Historically, only January, 1932 had a higher maximum. Minimum temperature of-9 degrees occurred on the 7th. On the 6th the maximum temperature reached only zero. This is the lowest maximum temperature since January, 2014 and is only the third occurrence of a maximum zero or less in nearly 24 years of record! There were 20 days with maximums 32 or below, 30 days with minimums 32 or below and 6 days with minimums zero or below. There were 1,388 heating degree days or 24 below normal. Total since July stands at 4,065 or 144 below normal.

Total precipitation of 9.27 inches was 4.90 inches above normal making this the wettest January in 24 Januarys of record. This beat 9.17 inches set in 1998. Historically, only January, 1979 was wetter. Maximum daily precipitation was 2.84 inches on the 13th. There were 12 days with measurable precipitation. Total snowfall of 30.5 inches was 5 inches above normal. Total since October stands at 45.5 inches or 4. inches below normal. Maximum daily snowfall was 9.9 inches on the 4th. There were 8 days with measurable snowfall and 24 days with an inch or more on the ground. Maximum depth was 13 inches on the 8-10th.

This month will be remembered for the wild barometric swings. The barometer sank to a super low level of 28.29 on the 4th. This figure easily beat the old January record of 28.58 set on Jan. 13, 2002 and was beaten only by 28.25 set March 9, 2005. On the 15th (only 11 days later) the barometer soared to 30.89 beating the old January record of 30.83 set Jan. 14, 1999 and was beaten only by 30.97 set Nov. 26, 2015. In only 11 days, the barometer range of 2.6 equalled what would be expected in a ten year period!

Mean relative humidity was 84.8%, the lowest was 48% on the 26th. Prevailing wind direction was west with an average speed of 4.4 miles per hour. Peak wind gust was 46/ssw on the 13th. There were 3 days with peak gusts 40 miles per hour or higher. 

There were 6 clear days, 9 partly cloudy days and 16 cloudy days. Daytime sky cover averaged 68%. A thunderstorm occurred on the 13th. This was only the second January occurrence of thunder, the other in 2008.