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By John Dudley & Cassie Oakes


More Family Cemeteries in Alexander-4


Annaniah Bohannon was an early settler in Alexander and built a house nearly half a mile north of the present Airline Road on lot 65.  The first recorded death of a white woman was of Mrs. Mary Young who died at age 27 on April 18, 1814; she was a sister of Annaniah’s wife Amelia (Campbell).  Mary was likely the first buried in this cemetery.  Years ago, three broken stones were on the ground at this site.  They read: “(Bo)hannon died 1857, age 64” i.e. Amelia (April 11, 1792-February 7, 1857”

“Eliizah Brown died 1849” (he was husband of daughter Amelia Bohannon)

“Orrae died 1861”

“Walter C. died 1863”

Orrae and Walter C were grandchildren of Annaniah & Amelia, children of Jones & Elizabeth.  The stones have disappeared into the ground as a result of blueberry growth.  

Amelia and Eliizah Brown had two more children who may have been buried at this site:  

George Washington Brown (1837-1845) and Eliza Brown (1839-1845).  These two died only one day apart.


William Cole came to Alexander early in 1830 and settled on lot 64.  William and his wife Eliza (Chase) had eleven children before leaving town.  Three died young and are buried in graves marked only by depressions in a blueberry field.  Alexander vitals compiled by Sharon Howland tells us the three who died young are Mary Temperance Augustus Cole (August 19, 1839-August 23, 1845), James K. Polk Cole (September 5, 1844-August 26, 1845) and George M. Dallas Cole (September 5, 1844-December 26, 1846).  


An oral history is from Pliney Frost of a family cemetery on the east part of lot 66.  We did not find the site in the woods that Pliney remembered as a hay field.  Tom Smith, who had lived on the farm in his youth, took John Dudley directly to the fieldstones.  Pliney told of Jeremiah Frost, Jr. (born 1779), his wife Sally Thompson (1787) and two of their children Joseph (1824) and Susan Lavina (1826-1827) who were buried here.  Jeremiah Frost, Sr. died on March 3, 1820 in Alexander.