Baileyville Building Committee Looks at Priorities

By Kaileigh Deacon


At the Baileyville Building Committee meeting on February 13th, committee members heard Superintendent William Braun’s presentation on the estimates he received for the projects agreed upon during the last meeting. At the previous meeting the committee agreed on the priorities for what needs to be done at both schools for optimal operation for the students and staff.

The list of priorities consisted of 10 projects between the two schools, with some projects being necessary at both schools and others only being required at the one school. The committee’s objective on Tuesday was to look at the estimates to determine what if anything could or should be left off the list for presentation to the school board for approval. 

Each project was looked at individually and the estimated cost of the projected evaluated. To do all ten projects between the two schools, the cost would be an estimated $5.2 million. This amount is simply the cost of completing the projects and would not include any other upgrades to the schools’ appearance. 

Both schools require new roofing, with the exception of the dome for the WHS gymnasium. The current roofs for both schools are in the 25-27 year range which exceeds the expected life of the shingles. Replacing the roofs would help alleviate leaking issues and other issues associated with the leaks. 

Other projects looked at include new heating systems for both schools, exterior work, entrance door replacement, lighting, drainage, and electrical upgrades. The high school would have new insulation, as well as a possible new kitchen/cafeteria. The elementary school would look into playground repair, which would include new equipment, drainage, and paving. 

The elementary school playground project was submitted for approval for a Lowe’s Improvement grant but was denied. The current playground has major issues with the equipment and its concrete anchors rising up out of the ground. The exposed concrete has been previously covered up by mats to prevent the kids from hitting it, but the lift is getting so high that the mats are starting to become a tripping hazard. The fill used to create the playground when it was constructed has started to give off an odor that makes the use of the playground and the back side of the school unpleasant. The area was tested, according to principal Mandy Belanger, and while nothing hazardous was found, the smell clings to students and teachers long after outside use. 

The proposed addition of a cafeteria and new kitchen at the Woodland High School would be of benefit to both schools as meals for both are prepared at the high school. The larger kitchen would allow for easier meal preparation and storage. The addition of a cafeteria to the high school would help create a separate space from the gymnasium that could be used for school meals but also to host events and meetings as needed. Currently the gymnasium is used as the cafeteria and the constant moving around of tables on the rubber floors is starting to show.

Each of the committee members was given a sheet to rank what they felt were the priorities for the schools and then they were handed to Superintendent Braun. Braun will present the results of the committee’s assessment to the Baileyville School Board at their next meeting. The next Building Committee will be scheduled based on their recommendations.